The primary goal of the City of Madison Equal Opportunities Division's FREE "Certified Community Partner" program is to teach and raise awareness surrounding Civil Rights afforded to the public through the Equal Opportunities Ordinance.

Through the Certified Community Partner's program, the Equal Opportunities Division envisions that each member of the community will be one step closer in having the ability to live, work, and play in an environment free of discrimination.

Through an informative one-on-one workshop session with the Equal Opportunities Division's in-house Investigators, our community partners will receive the most up-to-date information about Civil Rights and Equal Opportunities while learning the process of supporting clients who wish to take a stand against discrimination and file a complaint with the Equal Opportunities Division.By learning this process, the Certified Community Partner will be able to assist in identifying situations of discrimination, as well as provide information and support regarding options offered by the Equal Opportunities Division toward resolving these instances of discrimination.

If your staff or organization is interested in becoming a Certified Community Partner (CCP), please submit a request for a CCP Training here.

Why Certify Your Staff?

Provide a higher level of support to your clientele who experience discrimination.

  • Become educated in Equal Opportunities laws afforded to the City of Madison public.
  • Build an increased level of trust with your clientele.
  • Have the ability to provide support in filing complaints of discrimination.
  • Breakdown silos and build professional relationships with Department of Civil Rights staff.
  • Receive personal certification lasting for two {2) years.