Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

The City of Madison joins hundreds of communities nationwide in celebrating National Voter Registration Day today.

In addition to holding 231 voter registration drives this week, the City Clerk’s Office has released an elections podcast series on iTunes to provide voters with behind-the-scenes information about election processes and security precautions.  The Clerk's Office would like to thank Madison City Channel for producing the podcast series.  Anyone wishing to listen to or download the podcast episodes can search for “Madison Votes” on the iTunes podcast app.

The Madison Votes podcast series includes the following episodes:

Voter Registration – Due to COVID-19, it is advisable to register to vote early. Learn about your options for registering and proving your address in Wisconsin.

Absentee Voting – The City of Madison counts its absentee ballots at the polls on Election Day. Find out how to request an absentee ballot and make sure it gets counted.

Absentee Voting in Special Situations – Learn about absentee voting options for voters who are confined to their homes, hospitalized at election time, living overseas, serving in the military, or attending college away from home.

Voter ID – Wisconsin requires voters to present ID when requesting an absentee ballot or when voting at the polls. Earnestine Moss of the Dane County NAACP walks us through acceptable forms of voter ID, and how voters can get a free Wisconsin ID.

Dispelling Myths About Voting – The City Clerk’s Office addresses common misconceptions about voting in Wisconsin. Be informed with accurate information from a reliable source.

Serving as a Poll Worker – Alder Harrington-McKinney shares her experiences with working at the polls in the City of Madison.

Election Accessibility – Voters Randy Black and Virginia Mayo Black talk about accessible voting options and the important of ensuring that every voter can cast a secret ballot.

Election Security – Dane County Elections Management Specialist Rachel Rodriguez highlights the checks and balances protecting the integrity of our elections at the polls, in the City Clerk’s Office, and in the County Clerk’s Office.

The Life of a Ballot – Dane County Elections Management Specialist Rachel Rodriguez provides a behind-the-scenes look at how our ballots are created, secured, counted, and retained.

Pandemic Precautions – Learn about the precautions the City of Madison is taking to keep voters and poll workers safe at absentee voting locations and at the polls.

What to Expect at the Polls – Chief Inspector Brook Soltvedt describes what voters should expect when they go to the polls on Election Day.

What Happens When the Polls Close – Chief Inspector Blaise Besant describes what happens at your polling place when the polls close on election night.

What UW Students Need to Know – UW-Madison Andrew Goodman Foundation Ambassadors Tamia Fowlkes and Shreya Bandyopadhyay walk us through voting options for college students. #BadgersVote

Voter Outreach – Learn about what the City Clerk’s Office is doing to educate voters, and how you can help.


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