Thursday, June 7, 2012 - 7:24am

In the City of Madison, 120,739 voters cast ballots in the June 5 Recall Election. Turnout was equal to 73 percent of pre-registered voters, and 63 percent of eligible voters. The City of Madison uses the number of pre-registered voters to calculate its ballot orders and turnout predictions because pre-registered voter data is available by ward.

The initial count of election day registration forms indicates that 19,052 voters registered at the polls in the City of Madison on Tuesday. A total of 34,291 City of Madison residents have registered to vote this year.

The polling places with the greatest number of election day registrations were Porchlight (617 registrations), Gates of Heaven (573 registrations), Eastside Lutheran (535 registrations), Capitol Lakes (535 registrations), Doyle Administration (487 registrations), Lowell Center (454 registrations), Coventry Village (440 registrations), Fire Station #1 (425 registrations), Madison Ice Arena (411 registrations), Meriter-McKee Clinic (402 registrations), Lapham Elementary (396 registrations), First Congregational (363 registrations), St James (375 registrations), and Glendale (354 registrations).

Two hundred thirty-nine eligible voters were not able to register to vote in the City of Madison on Election Day with the new proof of residence requirements included in the voter ID law.

The City of Madison issued 16,681 absentee ballots for the June 5 election. As of election night, 1,844 of those ballots had not yet been returned to be counted. Any absentee ballots postmarked no later than Election Day and delivered to the Clerk's Office by mail no later than 4 p.m. Friday, June 8, will be counted by the Board of Canvassers.


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