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1005 Woodward Drive

See Legistar file 48474 for full archive including comments and approval letter.


Conditional Use
Letter of Intentpplication
Site Plan

Background Information
Type : Conditional Use
Date Circulated : 21 August 2017
Comments Due :22 September 2017
Project Description : Construct accessory building exceeding 800 square feet in SR-C1 on lakefront parcel
Property Owners : Timothy Buhl
Project Contact : Timothy Buhl
Planning Unit Contact :   Chris Wells, 261-9135,                                               
Alderperson :Rebecca Kemble, District 18
Urban Design Commission : n/a
Plan Commission : 02 October 2017
Common Council : n/a

Alder Kemble

Lerdahl Park Neighborhood Association
Last Updated: 11/22/2017