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3040-3046 Commercial Ave. & 701 McCormick Avenue (Land Use)

See Legistar files TBD & 59689 for full archive including comments and approval letter.



Background Information

Type: SR-V1 to SR-V2, Demolition Permit and Conditional Use

Date Circulated: 03-04-20

Comments Due: 04-10-20

Project Description: Demolish single-family residence in residential building complex to construct an
additional four-unit apartment building and three eight-unit apartment buildings

Property Owners: Augusta Realty, Inc.

Project Contact: Paul Cuta, CAS4 Architecture, LLC

Planning Unit Contact: Sydney Prusak, 243-0554;

Alderperson: Syed Abbas, District 12

Urban Design Commission: 04-15-20

Plan Commission: 04-27-20

Common Council: 05-05-20

Last Updated: 03/05/2020