Nelson Neighborhood Development Plan

November 27, 2019 Project Update

Final Nelson Neighborhood Development Plan


November 14, 2019 Project Update

The City Council approved the Nelson Neighborhood Development plan at their November 5th meeting.  Staff is working on NDP edits specified by the Plan Commission and approved by the Council, and will post the final Plan soon.  Please see item #50 of the November 5th Common Council agenda for the specific Plan Commission edits to the NDP
August 19, 2019 Project Update

A full draft of the Nelson NDP is available for review – see link below.  The anticipated approval schedule is:

September 3: Plan introduced at Common Council, referred to committees (likely Board of Parks Commissioners, Transportation Policy and Planning Board, Plan Commission)
September 20: Transportation Policy and Planning Board (TPPB)
October 2: Board of Parks Commissioners
October 14: Plan Commission
November 5: Common Council – Consider Adoption

Note that this timeline is a delay from what was estimated at the July 9th public meeting, as the Plan Commission must be the final committee to review the plan and the TPPB rescheduled their meeting to September 20th, which is after the PC's only September meeting.

Click Here to View Draft Plan Document


July 17, 2019 Project Update

The slides from the July 9, 2019 public meeting are posted below.  The Plan Commission will receive an update on the Nelson NDP planning process at their July 29th meeting.  The update will be similar to the information presented at the July 9th public meeting.  Interested parties are welcome to attend the Plan Commission meeting.  As always, Plan Commission meetings are streamed live via the City's website and are available for viewing after the meeting.  Staff hopes to complete a draft of the plan after the Plan Commission meeting for introduction at the September 3rd City Council meeting.  The Council would then refer the Plan to various boards, committees, and commissions, before it returns to Council for final approval, potentially in October. 

Click here to view meeting presentation slides


July 1, 2019 Project Update

Below are the draft maps for the Nelson Neighborhood Development Plan.  Map 7:  Land Use and Street Plan is posted alone, for those who are most interested in the planned neighborhood layout.  The full set of draft maps, including existing conditions, is posted as well.  Draft text will be developed after the public meeting.  If you would like to provide comments but are unable to attend the public meeting at 6:30pm on July 9th at 5365 Reiner Road please email or call the project contact listed at right. 

Map 7: Draft Land Use and Street Plan

Draft Nelson NDP Maps (set – approximately 7mb)


Public Meeting #2

A second public meeting for the Nelson Neighborhood Development Plan is scheduled for July 9th at the Town of Burke Municipal Building, 5365 Reiner Rd, Madison, WI.  The meeting will start with an open house at 6:30pm and have a brief presentation at 6:45pm, followed by Q&A.  The meeting will review and discuss updates to the future land use and street network that had been laid out in the original 1992 Plan (which has subsequently been amended six times).  Staff anticipates posting a set of draft maps approximately a week prior to the scheduled meeting.  An email update will be sent when draft maps are posted. 


May 31, 2019 Project Update

The Office of the Commissioner of Railroads approved the City's request to extend City View Drive from its current terminus at Crossroads Drive south across the railroad tracks to connect along the west side of the Autumn Lake neighborhood to Lien Road.  The Engineering Division expects to bid the City View Drive extension project this fall, with construction planned for 2020. 

With the extension approved by the state, the Planning Division is now continuing with the update of the Nelson Neighborhood Development Plan.  Planning staff anticipates holding a second public open house in the first half of July.  The specific day and time of the open house is expected to be announced on or before June 21st.  A draft Land Use and Street Plan will be posted to this page prior to the second open house. 


March 20, 2019 Project Update

The Office of the Commissioner of Railroads has scheduled a hearing on the City's proposed City View Drive railroad crossing for May 6, 2019 at 10:30am in Madison (exact location is to be determined).


February 26, 2019 Project Update

City of Madison Engineering has submitted materials requesting the connection of City View Drive from Crossroads Drive south across the railroad tracks to Levitan Lane to the Office of the Commissioner of Railroads (OCR).  The OCR has assigned the project Docket Number 9170-RX-376.  For those that are interested, the project submittal  can be viewed at the OCR website, which will be updated as a hearing is scheduled.  Further updates will be posted to the Nelson NDP website as the project makes its way through the hearing process.  The Nelson NDP update process is planned to resume after the OCR has released its ruling on whether the crossing can be constructed as proposed by the City. 


January 16, 2019 Project Update

Release of a draft future land use map and street network for the Nelson Neighborhood Development Plan update was originally expected to occur this month (January).  However, the City is pausing the Plan update process while the City's application to extend City View Drive across the railroad tracks is reviewed by the State of Wisconsin Office of the Commissioner of Railroads.  The outcome of that application has the potential to impact the land use and street network recommendations in the southwest corner of the Nelson NDP area.

The City's Engineering Division will submit railroad crossing application materials to the State before the end of January.  It is anticipated that the State will hold a hearing in the spring of 2019, with a ruling approximately a month after the hearing.  We expect to schedule a public meeting to release the draft future land use map and street network shortly after the ruling is released.  We will provide further updates via this website and via the project email list (see signup on the lower right corner of this page) once the hearing is scheduled and after it has been held

An introduction to Nelson Neighborhood Development Plan was presented to the Plan Commission on November 5, 2018.

Much of the information was similar to what was presented at the October 23, 2018 Public Meeting.  If you are interested in watching the presentation, it is available on City Channel.  The presentation starts at about the five minute mark.


An initial public meeting to introduce the planning process was held on October 23, 2018.

A handout was available and an introductory presentation was given regarding the planning process.  Please see the PDFs below for the meeting flyer, presentation, and handout.

Click here to view meeting flyer

Click here to view meeting handout

Click here to view meeting presentation slides

Click here to view a summary of questions asked at the initial public meeting 

Map 1

Last Updated: 11/27/2019

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