Urban Design Commission


3/25/2020 Update: Our offices are currently closed for paper submittals. We are reviewing applications digitally. All submittal materials should be sent to udcapplications@cityofmadison.com. Email jglaeser@cityofmadison.com to set up a Zoom video conference meeting to discuss your application.


The Urban Design Commission reviews planned developments, developments in urban design districts, sign variances and public buildings. It also manages and coordinates special projects such as the Downtown Wayfinding Program and the improvements to Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, prepares physical development plans and recommendations for redevelopment projects, and offers design assistance to promote revitalization for areas of the City including site design, landscaping and architectural services. This service also provides ongoing design assistance to the Mall Maintenance and Display Program.

The Urban Design Commission Meets on the following days in 2020:

Last Updated: 03/25/2020