New Software Request Process (APM 3-20)

The New Software Request Process (APM 3-20) applies to all software and online services, including free software. Information Technology approval is required for all software, including downloaded, web-based and equipment embedded with software on City-owned devices, regardless of price.

The Purchasing Guidelines apply to all software purchases and must be followed. City Attorney and Risk review are required because software and online services come with a set of legal terms (sometimes known as an End User License Agreement or EULA). The EULA is a contract. City staff are not authorized to sign, click or agree to any legal terms, even for free software.

Purchases Over $10,000

The City’s usual contract process applies, this includes using the appropriate City contract form and negotiating the vendor’s legal terms. Please make an appointment with the City Attorney’s Office to introduce your project, discuss contract needs, and schedule the legal work. This process may not begin until after IT has approved the software. Please allow 4 to 8 weeks for contract completion. IT is responsible for reviewing and approving the software request. The City Attorney is responsible for reviewing, approving, and finalizing the legal contract.

Purchases Up to $10,000 ($9,999 and below)

New Software Requests up to $10,000 in costs can be approved entirely through this workflow process.

Requesting New Software

  1. Software Vendor Completes Background Information

    Share the Software Acquisition Requirements (SAR) form with your desired software vendor. The vendor must complete the SAR form prior to the submission of a New Software request. 

  2. Authorized Contact Approval

    Request software approval via email from your agency's authorized contact(s). This approval email must be attached to your New Software Request form. Your request will be denied without proper documentation of authorized contact approval.

  3. Submit a New Software Request form

    Submit a New Software Request form on SharePoint to begin the review process. You will be notified via email after each department reviews your request. See the Review Workflow steps below for more information on this process.

    Submit a New Software Request

  4. Approval Status

    Once your New Software request has been reviewed by each department, Information Technology will notify you of whether your request has been approved or rejected. 

  5. Purchase

    If your New Software request has been approved, you may purchase the software. Please remember to attach the software approval email to your purchase request in MUNIS.

  6. Installing Approved Software

    When you are ready to have your new software scheduled to be installed, please email the Help Desk to have a service ticket created. Please include the following information in your email.

    • Staff names and machine IDs that need access to the software
    • Link to the software installation package
    • Serial number and license information of the software
    • Help Desk will assist with clicking through required terms and conditions and installing the software.

The Review Process

  1. Finance Review

    Finance will review your New Software Request for budgetary notes. Finance's Purchasing Guidelines apply to all software purchases and must be followed.

  2. Information Technology Review

    Technical Services, Applications Development, and Records Management will review all New Software requests. Please allow 3-4 weeks for this process.

  3. City Attorney & Risk Management Review

    City Attorney and Risk Management review the legal terms and conditions of the software license or service agreement on behalf of the City of Madison.

    • Software up to $10,000 (including free/no cost) that meets the Resolution #47764 (RES-17-00762) criteria: City Attorney and Risk Manager will be prompted automatically to review the request. Please allow 1-2 weeks for this review.
      • up to $10,000 total ($10,000 per year for subscriptions) and not more than $25,000 annually with that vendor 
      • not using federal funds
    • For purchases over $10,000 or services that do not meet the Resolution #47764 (RES-17-00762) criteria: a full contract must be negotiated. IT will notify the City Attorney’s Office, but it is your responsibility to make an appointment with the Attorney's Office to discuss your contract and schedule the legal work. The City Attorney's Office will coordinate with Risk Management as needed. Please allow 4-8 weeks for this process depending on the complexity of the project.
  4. Final Information Technology Review

    Once your New Software request has been reviewed by each department, Information Technology will notify you of whether your request has been approved or rejected.