Recording any virtual meetings or events requires prior approval from the City Attorney’s Office and Information Technology. Please note that all Board, Commission, and Committee meetings are pre-approved.

Recording Virtual Events & Meetings Policy

This policy applies to virtual meetings and events, including:

  • Trainings
  • Special Events
  • Public Information Meetings
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Press Conferences
  • Internal City meetings
  • Meetings with vendors or consultants

Things to Consider Before Requesting to Record

  • Generally, any meeting or event that was not taped or recorded prior to the public health emergency created by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic should not be recorded with Zoom or any other virtual meeting application.
  • Any recording (audio or video) is considered to be a public record and is subject to release in response to an open records or FOIA request.
  • Recordings present privacy and confidentiality issues. Keep in mind, many times participants are in their private residence or office; which underscores the need to consent to being recorded in these settings. Participants need to be mindful of what is within view of the webcam and within range of a microphone. This includes inadvertent exposure of minor children.
  • It is the host’s responsibility to make sure all participants know they are being audio/video recorded and, before the meeting starts, give participants the opportunity to leave the meeting if they do not consent to be audio/video recorded or to participate by audio only.
  • Notice should also be provided if the recording will be made available publicly (e.g., on the City’s website).
  • Recordings present storage concerns due to file size and retention period. Recordings (audio or visual) should be retained based on the content and in accordance with the City’s Records Retention Schedule.

Request Process

  1. Prior Considerations

    Consider the issues and concerns with recording meetings and events as listed above.

  2. Get Approval

    Obtain approval from your Department/Division Head or Records Custodian.

  3. Submit a Request to Record Form

    Request to Record
    Submit a request to City Attorney’s Office and Information Technology.

    • You must be connected to the City network or login with your AD credentials to access this form.
    • Click on "+Add Document"
  4. Approval Status

    Once approved, you will receive an email with additional information.

Request Processing

City Attorney Review

The City Attorney’s Office reviews recording requests to ensure legal and privacy issues are considered.

Information Technology Review

IT reviews the recording requests to ensure public records and records management policies are followed, as well as providing recording and storage requirements.