Records Custodians

Each agency head is the official Records Custodian of their agency's records, but may designate one or more Alternate Records Custodians. From MGO 3.7(2) - "Custodians are vested with full legal power to render decisions and carry out the duties of the City under this ordinance. Each custodian shall establish a procedure for handling records and shall see that all of their employees entrusted with records are informed of these procedures." Records Custodians respond to open records requests.

List of Records Custodians

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Records Coordinators

Most agencies have one or more Coordinators who manage the retention and disposition of physical records. Physical records including microfiche, maps, plats, etc., are stored at the State Record Center (SRC). Coordinators have access to the SRC to send and retrieve the records if needed prior to disposition. Semi-annually, a list of records that have met their retention time and are ready for disposition, is sent to the Records Coordinators for their authorization. Records cannot be destroyed or transferred for archival preservation without the consent of the agency's Records Coordinator.

List of Records Coordinators