Develop and implement a comprehensive state-wide records management program to assure that records are maintained and retrievable until their authorized disposition.

Fact Sheets, State Record Center

  • F-02 - Options for destruction of Non-Paper Records
  • F-03 - Records Center Storage Boxes - How to Order
  • F-04 - Options for Destruction of Paper Records
  • F-06 - Offsite Storage of Electronic and Optical Media
  • F-08 - Managing Records During the Active and Inactive Stages of the Records Life Cycle
  • F-09 - Managing Confidential Records
  • F-13 - Cost Savings By Using The State Records Center

How do I access the State Records Center website?

Complete the SRC User Authorization/Change Form and email to the City's Records Manager, with approval from your department head. The SRC will send an email with your login information and instructions for use of the web module.

  • SRC Web Module, Versatile Enterprise Web Module, hosted by Wisconsin Dept. of Administration, State Records Center

It is recommended that you review the Fact Sheets and Rates before you send or receive any inventory to us.

Record Storage and Service Rates

Rate Sheet

Instructions for Requesting Boxes and Indexed Files

Indexed files and entire boxes should be ordered via the Versatile Enterprise Web Module.

These PowerPoint presentations that will walk you through each process.

State Records Center Forms

Complete the appropriate form available on the State Records Center Forms website and email to the City's Records Manager.

  • DOA-3803 Inventory Change Request
  • DOA-3804 Inventory Delete Request
  • DOA-3806 RDA Change Request
  • DOA-3807 SRC User Authorization
  • RDA Extension Request

These forms can be sent directly to the State Records Center.

  • DOA-3808 Inventory Pickup Request
  • Box Pickup and Label Procedures
  • DOA-3805 Non-Indexed File Order