Printing & Copying

  • Set print/copy mode to automatically duplex (double sided) printing.
  • Set Default setting to print to grayscale.
  • Enable color printing only when need is justified.
  • Create PDF documents to file electronically.
  • Do a one page test before printing multiple copies of a document.
  • Analyze department current printing practices to promote electronic filing or archiving of documents.


  • Set up folder to receive faxes electronically without printing.
  • Designate employee to distribute and email incoming fax documents.
  • Eliminate fax cover sheets. Put identifying information within the content of documents you send, or use mini fax post-it notes to eliminate the need for cover sheets entirely.

Using Multi-function Devices & Confidential Printing

  • Use password/code to print to multifunction devices. This helps unclog the prints and copies sitting on the machine.

Reduce Paper Use

  • Print preview to ensure proper printing preferences.
  • Use a spelling and grammar check before printing.
  • Print draft copies with small margins and font size.


  • Set up electronic email archive folders to file electronically.
  • Circulate memos electronically, create email distribution lists for your Department, Office, etc.

Document Distribution

  • Scan, save, and distribute a document by email.
  • Set up a bulletin board in a common area to post messages.


  • Set up a collection tray near your printing station for paper printed on only one side.
  • Reuse pages printed on one side for drafts and scratch.
  • Reuse envelopes and shipping boxes.


  • Place a recycling bin near the network printer or MFD.