To protect The City of Madison from virus attacks and to protect you from receiving hundreds of spam messages, all incoming email is filtered by the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway – an anti-spam and anti-virus product. Proofpoint MLX™ is an advanced machine learning filtering technique used to ensure that no valid mail is improperly filtered. To further protect The City of Madison’s confidentiality, we have implemented Proofpoint Encryption – this technology allows users to send and receive secure messages.

The City of Madison will be using technology to help protect against specific threats that are distributed via email, including phishing and targeted attacks. These threats originate from malicious web sites which are triggered when users click on links (URLs) in email messages. Messages containing these links often look legitimate, even to the discerning eye. This technology protects you and The City of Madison’s assets by blocking access to malicious URLs. Per City directive, it is still imperative that users continue to carefully choose what they click on.

If the link is safe, you will see no difference. If it is malicious, you will see a notification in your browser like the following:

Website has been blocked!