The Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway enforces anti-spam, anti-virus, and content policies for our organization’s email accounts. All incoming email is inspected by the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway as soon as it arrives at our organization.

Messages that contain a virus, spam, or inappropriate content are sent to your personal Spam Quarantine.

Email classified as “bulk” – solicitations, newsletters, and advertisements are sent to your personal Low Priority Mail Quarantine. (Note: Your administrator controls which personal Quarantine folders are displayed: Low Priority Mail – Delivered, or Low Priority Mail – Quarantined, or none at all.)

You will receive an email notification named Digest in your Inbox to let you know you have messages in the Quarantine.

Safe & Blocked Senders

The Safe Senders list is simply a list of approved senders of email. When a sender address is included in the Safe Senders list, the Proofpoint Protection Server does not filter the message for spam. Messages will still be filtered for a virus or inappropriate content.

Note: When you add a domain name (e.g., yahoo.com) to the Safe Senders list, all email addresses from that domain will be considered “safe.” You should restrict the safe list to specific senders by entering their full email addresses (for example, john.doe@yahoo.com).

The Blocked Senders list contains addresses of people or mailing lists from whom you do not wish to receive email.

Reading the User Digest

The email Digest displays messages that have been classified as spam or bulk. These messages are stored in your personal Quarantine, allowing you to determine how to handle future messages from the senders.

Messages are organized into two categories: Low Priority Mail – Delivered and Spam – Quarantined. The Action you take on these messages determines how future messages from the senders will be handled.

User Digest Screenshot

  • Not Spam: A false-positive is a message that was scored as spam, but really is not spam. Future messages with these characteristics will not be scored as spam.
  • Request New End User Digest: Sends you the latest Digest, which may or may not include new messages in the Quarantine.
  • Request Safe/Blocked Senders List: Sends lists of your current Safe Senders & Blocked Senders to your inbox.
  • Manage My Account: Manage your preferences from the Web Application, including Safe & Blocked Senders, when User Digest emails are sent, and your language preferences.
  • Release: Releases the message to your inbox, but does not add the sender to your personal Safe Senders list.
  • Release and Allow Sender: Adds the sender to your personal Safe Senders list and releases the message to your inbox.
  • Block Sender: Adds the sender to your personal Blocked Senders list.

Web Application

To launch the web application and view Proofpoint options in a browser, either:

  • Go to the Proofpoint Portal
    User ID: your City email address
    Password: Network Login Password
  • Click Manage My Account in the email Digest, as shown above.

After you log in to the Web Application, you will see the following display:
Proofpoint Web Application

In the left pane, you will see several options:

  • Lists: Manage your personal Safe Senders and Blocked Senders lists.
  • Profile: Change your preferred language and how often User Digest emails are sent.
  • Quarantine: Manage current spam and bulk emails.

The toolbar across the top of the Quarantine tab contains the following, from left to right:

  • Release and Allow Sender: Releases the selected message(s) to your inbox and adds the sender to your personal Safe Senders list.
  • Release: Releases the selected message(s) to your inbox, but does not add the sender to your personal Safe Senders list.
  • Block Sender: Deletes the selected message(s) and adds the sender to your personal Blocked Senders list.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected message(s).
  • Allow Sender: Adds the sender to your personal Safe Senders list
  • The Options menu in the menu bar provides the following choices:
    • Unselect All: Clears the selection box for all of the currently-selected messages.
    • Request Digest: Sends you the latest email Digest.
    • Refresh: Refreshes the right pane. If you use the Delete All choice, use Refresh to display more messages.
    • Delete All: Deletes the currently-displayed messages from your personal Quarantine.