To learn more or to request a tool, contact Please note that you will need to be trained before using any of these tools, and the training request must be made by agency IT authorized contacts.

  • Blogs
    Provides City officials and City agencies the ability to publish articles related to City business. Blogs will be posted to City core site, agency sites and can be sent automatically to City Email list system. The City uses and enterprise-wide system for blogging.
  • City Highlights
    Promote feature content of temporary interest to residents, such as election information or a program or event on the City homepage and/or your agency’s page.
  • City Events Calendar
    Post upcoming events, workshops and programs to the City Events Calendar.
  • Email Lists
    The system is integrated into the City site, and is used for sending out project updates, blog postings, updates and announcements, and more.
  • Map Applications
    Turn maps and data into an interactive application to help users better understand information.
    View City of Madison Map Standards.
  • News Releases
    Write your story and post for the media to pick up and use. News Releases are official City communications and may be used to announce noteworthy information to media outlets, in order to communicate with Madison residents and visitors. These will be posted to the City Newsroom and, if applicable, to your agency’s news page.
  • Projects
    Tell a story about a project. Provide updates on projects, use the public comment feature to engage residents, and automatically send out emails to project email lists as you update. The City uses an enterprise-wide system for projects.
  • Social Media
    The City of Madison currently uses Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, and LinkedIn. If your agency is interested in getting one of these accounts, contact the Web Team for more information.
  • Story Maps
    Combine maps with narrative text, images and multimedia content to tell stories.
    View City of Madison Map Standards.
  • Survey Monkey
    Surveys can be sent by email, posted on agency website, Facebook, blogs, or on Twitter posts. With Survey Monkey you can download your results into a variety of formats including Excel, Adobe PDF, HTML or XML summary and it can be easily converted into charts and graphs.
  • Text Messaging
    Text messaging is used for informational notifications, such as, Pool closes, Declared Snow Emergencies, or Metro Transit detours or alerts. Text messaging is viewed as a supplemental means of communication rather than a primary communication tool. The City uses an enterprise-wide system for text messaging.