Security updates fix any vulnerabilities in the operating system and Internet Explorer that someone could use to exploit and possibly gain access to our computers and network. Security updates fix these vulnerabilities. Microsoft releases security updates to "patch" the vulnerabilities.


Workstations that are not patched make our entire network vulnerable to attacks by hackers. Many things can happen if your workstation isn't patched, like software could be installed on your machine that can record keystrokes that you are typing and this information could be sent back to the hacker. This information could be used to access usernames, passwords, or confidential information. Files can be copied off networks and computers.


We have been seeing more and more frequent release of patches, sometimes daily. Anytime a security vulnerability is reported, Microsoft technicians test the vulnerability and then release a patch. Currently we are applying the patches on a monthly basis and incorporate all security updates into one patch for the last past month. We could deploy a patch immediately if the need arises.