The City of Madison is continually learning and adapting as Virtual Board, Commission, & Committee (BCC) meetings grow and change. Please refer to this page for the most current information.

Virtual Meeting Types

Type Registration Livestream Recorded Broadcast Facilitator
1 City-managed Yes Yes Yes (1 at a time) City IT
2 City-managed No Optional No BCC City staff
3 Externally managed No No No Outside parties

Type 1 Meetings

Type 1 Meetings are facilitated, live streamed, broadcasted, and recorded by IT. Type 1 groups generally meet more frequently, have more legislative items, and have greater public participation.

Type 2 Meetings

Type 2 meetings are public facing, generally do not attract significant numbers of public registrants, do not need to be live streamed, are not required to record for playback, and can be facilitated by BCC City staff.

Type 3 Meetings

Type 3 Meetings are facilitated by non-IT staff and do not need IT facilitation assistance (i.e. Joint Campus Area Committee is hosted by the University of Wisconsin).

City IT does not have purview over whether or not these groups record meetings. If you have questions about the feasibility of recording your meeting, please contact the City Attorney's Office. If you decide to record your meeting, please consult with IT to determine if the video can be included in the City's video management system.

Virtual Neighborhood Meetings

As the City continues to grow and adapt our virtual meetings processes, we have identified the need for Zoom accounts designated specifically to virtual neighborhood meetings. Two Zoom accounts are available for facilitating virtual neighborhood meetings for Common Council.

These Zoom accounts are for official City business only. Any meetings that are not sponsored by the City of Madison (e.g., neighborhood associations, non-profit organizations, schools, etc.) should not use these accounts for meetings.

Recording Virtual Meetings & Events

Recording any non-BCC virtual meetings or events requires prior approval from the City Attorney’s Office and Information Technology (i.e. Public Information Meetings or Trainings). Please note that all Board, Commission, and Committee meetings  and some Virtual Neighborhood Meetings are pre-approved.

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