Complete the following steps when creating a new committee or subcommittee. Please see the Internal Legislative Resource Center for information about the legislative process.

New Committee Creation Process

  1. Register for Training

    Register any new committee staff for training, as needed.

    Legistar and the Legislative Process

    For training on Legistar and the City’s legislative process, please contact the Clerk’s Office at If staff need Legistar installed on their workstation, please also have an IT authorized contact email with their computer numbers.

    Find more training resources on the Internal Legislative Resource Center.

    Meeting Schedule and Hosting Virtual Meetings

    All committee staff attend training on the Meeting Schedule application and hosting virtual meetings. Two staff members must be trained for each committee.

    Register for Training

    This is a two-part training that covers the Meeting Schedule and the Type 2 Virtual Meeting Host Training. You can sign up for both parts, or sign up for only one part if needed.

    If you will be hosting Type 1 Virtual Meetings, please contact to request training.

    All staff must be trained on the legislative process before attending training on the Meeting Schedule and hosting virtual meetings.

  2. Add to Legistar

    If the new committee is a Legistar committee, email Laila D'Costa at to get the committee added to Legistar.

  3. Request Committee Email Address

    Video: Contact Email

    All City committees must have an email address available for the public to submit written comments on agenda items. This should not be a department email or an individual employee’s email. Emails should go to committee staff, not to all members of the committee, to prevent accidental open meetings violations.

    All public comment emails received at this email address must be sent to members of the body via BCC (blind carbon copy) before the meeting.

    Requesting an Email Address

    Please request a meeting email address at least three weeks before your first meeting. Have an IT authorized contact email the below information to

    • Request a Shared Inbox.
    • Email address following the naming conventions below.
    • List of committee staff that need access to the inbox.
    Naming Conventions
    1. If the committee name is twenty (20) characters or fewer, use the full committee name.
    2. If the committee name is more than twenty (20) characters, abbreviate the committee name.
      Example: (Affirmative Action Commission)
    3. Do not add a City agency name or abbreviation into the email address.
      Example:, not or
  4. Add to Meeting Schedule

    Email with the following information:

    • Name of Committee/Subcommittee
    • Is this a Legistar committee? Yes / No
    • Legistar URL
    • Committee email address
    • Agency(s) that will staff the committee

    The Clerk's Office will add the committee, subcommittee, or work group to the Meeting Schedule.

  5. Train Committee Members

    Train your committee members as needed, using resources from the Internal Legislative Resource Center.