Recording Policy

All meetings facilitated by Information Technology will be recorded and uploaded to Mediasite. Committees may choose to record committee meetings that are not facilitated by Information Technology.

All committee meetings are pre-approved to record, per the policy on Recording Virtual Meetings & Events. Committee chairs have the legal authority to determine whether to record meetings. Please consult with your chairperson before recording the meeting.

Add Meeting Recordings to Legistar

  1. Go to the Madison City Channel website.
    Not available in Internet Explorer. Please use Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or another browser.
  2. Find and click on your meeting. Meetings are listed in chronological order, newest first.
  3. Select Embed. Copy the Link to Full Player up to the question mark.

    Screenshot of the Embed Video modal, with the URL under Link to Fully Player highlighted
  4. Paste that link to the Media field in Legistar.

    Screenshot of the Legistar management page, with the URL after Media highlighted.