Type 1 meetings are facilitated, live streamed, broadcasted, and recorded by IT. Type 1 committees generally meet more frequently, have more legislative items, and have greater public participation.

If your committee or subcommittee has not met virtually yet, please complete the New Committee setup steps.

Meeting Process

See the Type 1 Virtual Meeting Checklist for a list of tasks to complete for each meeting.

  1. Schedule Meetings

    Schedule the Meeting
    • Create the meeting in Legistar.
    • Create the meeting in the Meeting Schedule.
    Notify the Media Team
    • Send your meeting date and time to meetingsupport@cityofmadison.com. The IT Media Team will send you information about the Zoom meeting and streaming/broadcast details.
    • Add the Zoom meeting URL, phone number, and webinar ID to Meeting Schedule.

    View detailed information about scheduling meetings.

  2. Create Meeting Agenda

    Publish the agenda, and create the Cross-Reference List and Agenda Item Description. Make the following updates:

    1. Meeting Schedule: Add the Agenda and Agenda Item Description to the Meeting Schedule.
    2. Cross-Reference List: Upload the Cross-Reference List through the Meeting Schedule application, or using the Cross-Reference Upload Tool. You need to be on the City network.

    View detailed information about publishing agendas.

  3. Send Staff Panelist List

    Email a list of staff that need meeting invitations to meetingsupport@cityofmadison.com.

  4. Hold the Meeting

    Before the meeting, send committee members:

    • All public comment emails sent to the committee email address.
    • A PDF of the Registration Report.

    Follow established meeting procedures, using the Report to call on members of the public.

  5. Minutes & Recording

    • Immediately after the meeting, export the Registration Report as a PDF.
    • Create Minutes in Legistar. Attach the full Registrant Report PDF to the Public Comment Legistar File for that meeting.
    • Add a link to the meeting recording to Legistar, in the Media field.
    • After the minutes are approved, add link to the minutes in Meeting Schedule.


All staff must be trained before hosting virtual meetings. Type 1 committee staff should sign up for:

All staff must be trained on the legislative process before attending training on the Meeting Schedule and hosting virtual meetings.


Please note: These resources do not replace the Type 1 Virtual Meeting Host training.