City of Madison

City of Madison Engineering | Photo Credit: Archie Nicolette


City Engineer, Robert F. Phillips, P.E.

Vision & Mission:

The mission of the City of Madison Engineering Division is to provide a multi faceted combination of Public Works services to the citizens and customers of Madison in a fair and consistent manner that allows for and encourages public input.  The Engineering Division  is responsible for the design, supervision and inspection of street, highway, sidewalk and bike path construction;  City surveying and mapping operations including maintenance of the City’s Official Map, street and utility records;  management of the Madison Storm Water Utility and the Sanitary Sewer Utility;  the review of land use changes as they relate to public works and Ordinance compliance;  City owned facilities including new construction, maintenance, repair and energy efficiency retrofits;  maintenance of the City’s closed landfills and responding to environmental contamination within Public lands.

Storm Water Utility

The mission of the Madison Storm Water Utility is to provide stormwater management services to the public, while maintaining an equitable rate structure.  These management services shall follow goals to eliminate or reduce flooding and to improve the water quality of lakes and streams.  The Storm Water Utility shall cooperate and coordinate watershed management with neighboring municipalities, regulatory agencies, and public watershed organizations.


Transportation Section

The mission of the Transportation Section of the Engineering Division is to serve the citizens of Madison by planning, designing, constructing and maintaining high-quality infrastructure related to transportation including roadways, sidewalks, bike paths and bridges.  The Division shall maintain pavement, bike path and sidewalk condition and schedule and implement repairs throughout the city for safe, convenient travel for pedestrians, bicycles and motor vehicles.   

The Division will make responsible and efficient use of public funds to continually improve and extend a functional, rational network of facilities while being responsive to input from the community. 

The Division will use innovative and state-of-the art designs and methods to position Madison as a leading city in creating bicycle and pedestrian-friendly solutions that improve safety and increase the share of trips made by non-motorized modes.


Mapping / GIS Section


The mission of the Mapping / GIS Section is to maintain mapping records, provide support for specialized needs and technical assistance to other departments, administer GIS viewing software for citywide use, administer the city’s address numbering and street naming ordinances, provide professional and technical support for land related activities, provide private development review, coordination and guidance as it relates to property and land records, maintain the GPS base station, and maintain the Public Lands Survey System monuments. 


Facilities and Sustainability Section


The mission of the Facilities and Sustainability Section of the Engineering Division is to provide high quality project management services to all agencies that are implementing a remodeling or new construction project. The unit works with agencies to implement projects that lower energy use, conserve water, use renewable sources of energy, and provide a good quality indoor air environment.   The section also administers the city’s emergency warning siren program.   Along with the Mayor’s Office, this unit also coordinates many city efforts regarding energy and sustainability internally, and ,externally..


Sanitary Sewer Utility

The mission of the Madison Sewer Utility is to provide for the safe, reliable, efficient, and cost effective collection and conveyance of wastewater to the Nine Springs Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Our services and programs protect the safety and welfare of the public and our natural environment, balance community goals for livability and economic vitality, and fulfill local, state, and federal mandates.  We deliver our services in a manner that is professional, environmentally and fiscally responsible, and convenient and understandable to the public.   

Environmental Section


The mission of the Environmental Section of the City Engineering Division is to provide for the sustainable management and remediation of potential contaminant sites on City-owned land.  The goal of this work is to protect human health and the environment by complying with State and Federal environmental cleanup laws.  Program responsibilities include the operation, maintenance, and environmental monitoring of five closed landfills, the remediation of soil and groundwater pollution on City property, brownfields due diligence and redevelopment, and the maintenance of public waste oil facilities.   

Boards & Commissions: