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The Adopt-A-Median program is an opportunity for community members to make Madison beautiful and promote the environment by maintaining and modifying medians around the City. Rain gardens located on publicly owned land are also available for adoption.

To begin the adoption process, please fill out the online Median Adoption form.

Once you have completed the form, City staff will fill out the Terms and Conditions application for you to sign. Please see the Terms & Conditions for an example of what you will be asked to sign. Because most neighborhood organizations are not incorporated, and because most are concerned about incurring unnecessary liability on behalf of the organization, you should note that this is not a formal agreement between the City and the adopting organization. Rather, the adopting organization is acknowledging the organization’s intent to do work on a particular median.

A signed waiver form is needed for all volunteers working on the median. It is advantageous for all volunteers working on the medians to have executed the waiver form. By doing so, volunteers will be provided the same protection for claims arising from acts done within the scope of the volunteer's responsibilities as is provided to any City Employee under the City's liability policy. Please see the Waiver.

Once the City has provided your organization with Adopt-A-Median Terms and Conditions form for signature, you may mail the signed form to the City or scan and email the signed form. Waiver forms for all volunteers may be mailed or scanned and emailed as well.

Send completed forms to:

Carissa Wegner
Adopt-A-Median Program
City Engineering Division
210 MLK, Jr. Blvd., Room 115
City-County Bldg.
Madison, WI 53703

Email: Engineering (include in subject line: Adopt-A-Median)
Fax: (608) 264-9275

After the completed forms have been received by the City of Madison, you will be sent additional information and resources on median maintenance, such as where to get vests, cones or signs.

Questions? Please contact Carissa Wegner, Adopt-a-Median program coordinator at: (608) 261-9822.