City of Madison

City of Madison Engineering | Photo Credit: Archie Nicolette


Mapping and Records reviews the following:

  • New subdivisions,
  • Land divisions,
  • Conditional use permits,
  • Parking lot plans,
  • Applications for building permits
  • Applications for new public land in general.

This service also prepares legal descriptions for acquisition, street right-of-way and street vacations. It also maintains the City's Official Maps, Assessor's Parcel Maps, Fire Department Run Maps, Police Sector Maps, storm sewer records, sanitary sewer records, and assigns street names and addresses. The map records are in digital form and are available from the Mapping/GIS system. This service also administers the street opening permit ordinance which coordinates City and Utility Company work. Mapping services also provides hardware and software support for the Mapping/GIS system network.