An area on the southwest side of the City of Madison is cleared and properly cleaned after a sanitary sewer overflow happened 9:15 a.m., May 4, 2022, on the 300 block of Island Drive in Madison.

The Engineering Division responded quickly and minimal sanitary sewer waste spilled into the area.  The sanitary sewer manhole overflowed into the grass area along Island Drive.  The wastewater flowed to the curb line and down Island Drive to a storm inlet.  The wastewater was contained at the City storm inlet.

Crews cleared the blockage and cleaned it up. An Engineering Division vactor crew cleaned the area and pipes. A second Engineering Division vactor crew sprayed the curb line and flushed all waste water to vacuum. All wastewater was collected. The area was cleaned up by 9:55 AM.  Engineering crews sent a camera down the pipes to inspect for cause and discovered that the blockage was cause by “Flushable Wipes” bound on root masses in the sewer.

City Crews intend to increase the frequency of cleaning on this sewer main to twice a year to prevent this from happening in the future.

It is part of Wisconsin State Law to report sewer blockages and overflows.

This notice is provided in compliance with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Administrative Code and the City of Madison’s Capacity, Maintenance, Operations & Management (CMOM) Program.