Last Updated: 03/11/2022

Project Overview

Remove 100% of existing mortar and repoint using historically appropriate mortar type and profile at the Garver Office (Olbrich Cottage), a locally designated landmark that is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Remove unused metal anchors and remove and replace damaged brick with historically appropriate materials.

Project Schedule

City User Agency: City of Madison Parks
Planning and Design: In Process
1st Advertisement of Bid: Tentative June 2022
Bid Due Date: Tentative July 07, 2022
Construction Start Date: Tentative August 2022
Expected Completion Date: Tentative December 2022

Existing Project:

Garver Olbrich Cottage Front
Garver Office/Olbrich Cottage - Front Exterior
Garver Olbrich Cottage Rear
Garver Office/Olbrich Cottage - Rear/Side Exterior
Garver Olbrich Cottage Existing Masonry Conditions
Existing Masonry Conditions
Garver Olbrich Cottage Existing Masonry 2
Existing Masonry Conditions