Reindahl Park Imagination Center

Last Updated: 12/05/2019

New Library and Community Facility

Madison Public Library is planning a new library and community facility at Reindahl Park. The proposed “Imagination Center at Reindahl Park” will not be an ordinary library. It will be a transformational space designed and directed by the northeast Madison community. The Imagination Center at Reindahl Park will be a place for the community to gather and learn. It will be a safe place for social interaction, civic engagement, and cultural expression. The center will focus on holistic health and expanding economic opportunities for library visitors.

City User Agency: Madison Public Library
Design and Planning: 2019-2021

1st Advertisement of Bid: TBD
Bid Due date, TBD
Construction Start date: TBD
Expected Completion: TBD

LEED Goals: LEED Silver Minimum

Soil borings were taken the first week of December to test the soil for its consistency, strength and durability for the future Reindahl Park Imagination Center:

Reindahl Park Imagination Ctr Soil Boring

After the borings are completed, the holes are filled:

Reindahl Imagination Center Soil Boring Filled

Project History

Visit the Imagination Center at Reindahl Park for additional project background.

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