Williamson and E Wilson St

Last Updated: 05/16/2019

Construction Update

Huston continues to work on grading the new roadway on E. Wilson St., and MG&E will finish work on the new electrical conduits in that area. Along the Williamson St. median, RG Huston is working on the final grading and preparing the lanes for new pavement. They are also working on the new roadway along the one-way portion of E. Wilson St. (east of Blair) and also on the bike path crossing of S. Blount St. Conduit and concrete bases are also being installed for the new street lighting and traffic signals.

Next week, new curb and gutter is expected to be installed on E. Wilson St. (both sides of Blair St.) along with some sidewalk work in those areas. It is also anticipated that new pavement will be placed on lanes adjacent to the median on Williamson St. The Capital City trail is currently closed through the project area, and the bike path will continue to be detoured by using the path on the south side of Williamson St. (along Machinery row), to Jenifer St. and to Paterson St. While the north/south pedestrian crossing of Williamson St. at John Nolen is closed, bicyclists and pedestrians at the intersection will need to use the other open crosswalks to route around the construction zone.

Project Description

Starting Monday, April 1, RG Huston will begin the reconstruction of:

  • E. Wilson Street—S. Franklin St to S Blair Street
  • Williamson Street—S Blair Street to S Blount Street
  • S. Blount Street—Capital City Bike Path to Williamson Street

Only one lane of traffic will be maintained in each direction on East Wilson Street and Williamson Street, which will result in peak hour traffic delays. Williamson St. and E. Wilson St. have been reduced to a single lane of traffic in both directions.  Currently, all turning movements through the intersection are allowed. The bike route along Jenifer St. and the south side of Williamson St. is closed and bicyclists are being detoured to the Capital City Trail at Livingston St. The bike route through the area will periodically change as construction continues, but a signed detour to the best route will be maintained. South Blount Street will be fully closed for approximately one month of the overall project. Project completion is scheduled for mid-August.

MG&E Gas will be performing localized utility work in this area beginning the week of March 25 and will continue work during the street reconstruction project.

In addition to this street reconstruction project, Wisconsin & Southern Railroad will replace the railroad crossing at the Wilson/Blair/John Nolen intersection, which will have major traffic impacts. The tentative schedule is Wednesday, June 19 through Sunday, June 23. Updates will be sent closer to that time.

The City has awarded the contract for this work to RG Huston Company. MG&E will be performing utility work in the area beginning the week of March 25 and will continue to work in the area during the street reconstruction project.

In 2019, the City will reconstruct portions of E. Wilson St., Williamson St. and S. Blount St. This work will include replacement of curb, pavement, sanitary sewer main and laterals, storm sewer, and the installation of improved bicycle facilities, including a new signal at the intersection of S. Blount St. and Williamson St. Additional bike facility improvements include the installation of a cycle track along Williamson St. and S. Blount St. with a separate sidewalk for pedestrians, and marked buffered bike lanes on E. Wilson St., within the project limits. The street design being installed with the 2019 project will be consistent with the design that was approved by the Common Council as part of the Blair St / John Nolen Dr corridor study.

This project will also include replacement of the railroad crossing through the intersection.

Preliminary plans and plans for the ultimate design of the Williamson-Wilson-Blair-John Nolen intersection can be found here:
2019 Williamson - E Wilson Plans
Williamson-Wilson-Blair-John Nolen Ultimate Design

Anticipated schedule: April 1, 2019 to August 8, 2019

Public Meeting

A Public Information Meeting was held on 12/18/18. The presentation from that meeting can be found here: PIM Presentation