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I.  Introduction

The City of Madison (“City”) acting through the Department of Finance (“Finance”) is hereby issuing this public Request for Information 2022 (“RFI”) to gather input from the marketplace on potential future business opportunities between the City and qualified vendors in the private and nonprofit sectors. The focus of this RFI is to increase the market share of enterprises that will help accelerate reduction of carbon emissions for City operations, BIPOC & Women owned enterprises, and local Madison based enterprises beginning in 2022 and continuing into future years.

The City plans to spend an estimated total of $1.5 billion with external vendors on goods and services from Fiscal Year (FY) 2022-2025 based on projected agency Operating and Capital budget requests. City Fiscal Years match calendar years. These estimates exclude personnel costs and the related productivity of City human resources.

(1) The City estimates that the current output of carbon dioxide by City operations is 81,131 tons per year, and our interim goal by the end of FY 2025 is to successfully decrease this to 50,000 tons per year as part of the Madison Climate Forward Plan.
(2) City staff have gathered baseline data for City spending with BIPOC & Women owned enterprises over the last year and are currently analyzing the data to understand baseline spending. We plan to significantly increase spending with BIPOC & Women owned enterprises in the coming years.
(3) The City estimates that 56% of annual business spending is currently with local Madison based enterprises, and our goal by the end of FY 2025 is to increase this level to 75%.

The City encourages all potential vendors that offer products and services impacting one or more of the above three goals, to participate in this RFI by submitting a response.

II.  Goals of the RFI

The City is working to expand overall market participation in its solicitations for official business. Additional competition will provide the City with better potential pricing, access to different types of expertise and capabilities, a more diverse vendor community, and support for local businesses. We will be gathering information by qualified vendors and dispersing it to assist the appropriate City agencies. RFI responses are not considered to be competitive bids for specific business needs. Rather they are intended to provide industry insights for City officials who participate in external purchasing activities.

All enterprises of all sizes, from sole proprietorships to multinational corporations are invited to submit a response. The City reserves the right to consider one or more types of products or services from multiple respondents in order to develop purchase orders, Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and/or bids that would support the City’s objectives in current or future fiscal years. For purchases of $50,000 or more, the City envisions that these processes could result in contracts with the City.

RFI responses will be accepted on a rolling basis with no deadline. However, submitting as soon as possible will be highly advantageous. In order to facilitate City planning for FY2023 budgets and purchasing, we recommend submitting by September 30, 2022.

III.  Areas of Interest for the RFI

The City is interested in receiving responses from a wide range of industries to support the goals of the RFI as outlined. Below are listed some of the core areas of interest for agency operations. This list is not exhaustive or exclusive. These areas of responsibility may be specific to one agency, or may apply to multiple agencies.

  • Facilities management, including office and custodial supplies, janitorial services, furniture, appliances, and building repairs or installations
  • Plumbing, welding, electrical, mechanical, HVAC, and other trades
  • Information Technology (IT) software and hardware
  • Graphics and printing services
  • Administrative services including financial, legal, insurance, human resource, and other
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Winter plowing and salting services
  • Street maintenance, traffic engineering, and traffic safety
  • Forestry services
  • Park and playground maintenance and horticulture
  • Architecture services
  • Construction operations
  • Fleet vehicle and equipment procurement, maintenance, and auction
  • Metro bus and transit logistics
  • Emergency management
  • Emergency response
  • Security/law enforcement
  • All environmental sustainability products and services including alternative fuels and energy
  • Public facing human services including workforce development, homeless services, health and mental health programs, community programming, etc.
  • Education, training, and certification

IV.  Important Dates

The City of Madison is accepting RFI submissions on a rolling basis. There is no firm due date.
There is a virtual call being help monthly to answer questions by any business. Please feel free attend, no RSVP is necessary.
Dates: First Monday, monthly
Time: 1:00pm CST
There will be no meetings on: Monday, January 2, 2023 or Monday, July 3, 2023.

V.  Costs and Expenses

The City shall not have any responsibility for any costs or expenses incurred by any respondent related to its preparation of a response to this RFI. The City shall not assess a fee to any respondent participating in this RFI.

VI.  No Binding Obligation is Created

This document is not intended as a solicitation for the award of a purchase order or contract. Submitting a response is not a prerequisite for participation in any future solicitation. No contract will be awarded as a result of this RFI and response to this RFI is not required in order to respond to any subsequent RFP. The City is under no legal, monetary, or contractual obligation to respondents to this RFI. This RFI, and any documents submitted in response thereto, do not constitute and will not give rise to any legally binding obligation on the part of the City. The City does not intend to, and shall not be, bound by the terms of this RFI. The City reserves the right to proceed in any matter that it, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate. The City also reserves the right to accept and consider any non-compliant response. All responses to this RFI shall become the property of the City.

Proposers are hereby notified that all information submitted in response to this RFP may be made available for public inspection according to the Public Records Law of the State of Wisconsin or other applicable public record laws.

For RFI submittals of interest to one or more City agencies, the appropriate authority may reach out for additional information or to set up follow-up meetings over the course of 2022 and beyond.

VII.  Contents of RFI Submittal

A complete submittal will include the following narrative components in 1,200 words or less and sent as an email utilizing PDF, Word, or other attachment to the RFI portal: The maximum email size including attachments is 20MB. Please include RFI #11037-0-2022-BP in the subject line of your email. Any questions about the RFI may also be emailed to this portal, and a member of the City RFI team will respond.

Even if you currently do business with the City of Madison, please submit for this RFI.  We are attempting to get as comprehensive of a list as possible.

A. Executive Summary Submittals should include an Executive Summary which briefly describes the respondent, the major features of its response, and key highlights of the pricing and terms that the respondent would propose in an agreement to provide products and/or services relevant to the City. Include which of the three City RFI priorities of market participation apply to the submittal.

B. Description of Respondent Submittals should provide contact information, including respondent’s legal name, business address, name of contact, telephone, email address and website address. Include alternate enterprise name(s) if any. Submittals also should provide a description of the respondent’s qualifications, including a list of similar prior projects and/or services, and if applicable a description of experience with providing products or services to government organizations in North America.

C. Financial Information Submittals should provide an overview of the budgetary information associated with prior projects and services. Submittals should include an estimation of how respondent would meet the financing requirements of a project that would meet one or more of the goals set forth in this RFI. A comprehensive list of pricing is not necessary. If you happen to know basic pricing, that is helpful.

E. Timeline and Regulatory Approvals (OPTIONAL/IF APPLICABLE) Respondents shall identify all major regulatory, environmental, and local permits/approvals required to develop, procure, operate and maintain the products included in the response and provide a timeline showing all major regulatory and permitting milestones if applicable.

F. Illustrations (OPTIONAL/IF APPLICABLE) Up to two pages of graphics content such as photos, tables, and graphs may be added to the submittal, within the PDF.

Information Sessions

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