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Todos los permisos para la quema de desechos están suspendidos hasta nuevo aviso

El MFD está suspendiendo todos los permisos para la quema de desechos en la Ciudad de Madison, el Pueblo de Blooming Grove, y la Villa de Shorewood Hi

All Burn Permits Are Suspended Until Further Notice

The MFD is suspending all burn permits in the City of Madison, Town of Blooming Grove, and Village of Shorewood Hills until further notice.

Why do we send a fire truck when you call for an ambulance?

This is the #1 question that members of the department are asked by members of our community.

The City of Madison Fire Department has been sending a fire truck with an ambulance since the 1960s, when we took over the ambulance service from the police and sheriff departments.  The primary reason a fire truck comes when you call 911 for an ambulance is to make sure you receive care as quickly as possible.  The MFD has a goal of getting to every call for help in less than 5 minutes.  We meet this goal about 78% of the time city-wide.  Because fire truck crews are more prevalent than ambulances, (we have 15 fire truck crews, but only 8 ambulances) they can sometimes get to a scene sooner than an ambulance and can initiate patient care before paramedics arrive. All members of the suppression division are trained EMTs (have a minimum level of Emergency Medical Technician-Basic licensure). Firefighters can provide life-saving intervention (such as chest compressions), remove the victim from a hazardous environment, dress wounds, and other basic life support until the paramedics arrive to perform advanced care and transport. A fast response for your medical emergency is critical to start the basic life stabilization and assessment. 

The second reason we send a fire truck is for assistance with making entry to the building, lifting patients, and medical assistance.  When a patient is in critical condition, there is no such thing as "too much help" to ensure a life is saved.

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