Todos los permisos para la quema de desechos están suspendidos hasta nuevo aviso

El MFD está suspendiendo todos los permisos para la quema de desechos en la Ciudad de Madison, el Pueblo de Blooming Grove, y la Villa de Shorewood Hi

All Burn Permits Are Suspended Until Further Notice

The MFD is suspending all burn permits in the City of Madison, Town of Blooming Grove, and Village of Shorewood Hills until further notice.

In the Midst Of Transitions, Our Crews Don't Miss A Beat

The Madison Fire Department responded to and successfully knocked down a fire that displaced two people and prompted the evacuation of an apartment complex on Calypso Road Sunday, January 10. 
For the firefighters and paramedics housed at Station 3 (1217 Williamson Street), the call was their first opportunity to take on a fire scene as a brand new team.
Recent promotions and station transfers landed Matthew Mialik, Benjamin Boucher, Kevin McDonald, Brandon Jones, Michael Howell, and Christopher Hammes on Station 3's "A" shift. Sunday was their first day together, with Mialik at the helm of his inaugural fire call as a lieutenant.
While Engine 10 confronted the blaze, Engine 3 located one individual still inside a nearby apartment as smoke filled the unit. 
"It was pouring in from the air!" he later reported. 
Engine 3's team safely carried him outside so he could be evaluated by MFD paramedics Anderson and Babcock on Medic 5.
Thanks to the rapid and seamless response of all on-scene crews, fire damage was limited to just one apartment and nobody was injured during the incident. 
Station 3A crew
                          Pictured: Paramedics Michael Howell and Christopher Hammes; Lt. Matthew Mialik,
                       Firefighter Brandon Jones, A/E Benjamin Boucher, and FF/Paramedic Kevin McDonald
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