Kidde Announces Smoke Alarm Recall

Tuesday, March 27, 2018 - 10:16am

Certain Dual Sensor Models Must Be Replaced

One of America’s popular brands of home smoke alarms announced last week a safety recall on certain models, and your home may be impacted.

Kidde Dual Sensor (Photoelectric and Ionization) Smoke Alarms – Models PI2010 and PI9010 – need to be checked for a yellow protective cap that may have been left on inside the alarm. This cap impacts the alarm’s ability to detect smoke.

To know whether your alarm is impacted, look for a pill-shaped design on the front of the unit. This design is slightly raised and is unique to this alarm. If the model number on the back of the alarm reads PI2010 or PI9010, peek through the opening on the side of the alarm and look for a protective yellow cap. Alarms containing this protective yellow cap must be replaced.

View Kidde’s recall alert to receive complete instructions for identifying and replacing your alarm, or to register for a replacement alarm.

Since 2010, the Madison Fire Department has periodically installed free smoke alarms, including Kidde brand alarms, to area households. Smoke alarms installed by the Madison Fire Department are not impacted by this recall.

Photo courtesy: Kidde United Technologies