Friday, September 20, 2019 - 3:52pm

Students around the world are striking today to demand climate justice. Mayor Rhodes-Conway supports the climate strikers and is committed to accelerating work locally to respond to the urgent issue of climate change, stating:

“I am inspired by the thousands of high school students in Madison and across America who are leading the way and teaching us about the urgent need for a comprehensive response to the climate crisis. Madison’s climate is changing and we have a moral imperative to reduce carbon pollution and prepare for climate impacts. I take this responsibility seriously and sustainability is a guiding principle of my administration. There is no single action that can achieve our climate goals, and we are integrating a climate lens through all City work. From electrifying City vehicles and pursuing 100% renewable energy, to implementing bus rapid transit and increasing our climate resilience, we are taking meaningful steps to respond to climate change. Those efforts will only grow in the coming years.”


  • Christie Baumel, 266-4611