Plowing expected to begin at approximately 11:00am.

All City of Madison streets will be plowed today in response to the snowstorm.  There will not be a snow emergency declared for this evening.

The plowing is expected to begin around 11:00am when the storm is anticipated to end.

Citywide plowing takes 12 to 14 hours to complete on average.

Please choose off-street parking options today and this evening, and remember to abide by all parking regulations. This will help plow trucks push snow from the roadway.

Additional information about the snow plowing operations can be found on the snow plow update of the City of Madison winter website

You can sign up to receive snow plow updates emailed directly to you on the winter website to help you stay informed about the Streets Division's response to each snow event.

Additional information about all things winter in the City of Madison, from correct salt usage to recreation opportunities, can also be found winter website,