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A Sound Installation by Megan Katz & Marina Kelly

Madison, WI (April 24, 2014) – Imagine driving under a bridge in a rainstorm.  The sound of rain stops for just a few seconds, and then starts again. Inspired by the experience of that sudden silence, local artist duo myk.mak has created a sound sculpture that draws attention to the moment of passage through the bike/pedestrian tunnel at Tenney Park.  

Beginning this week, joggers, pedestrians, bicyclists and other travelers who enter the Tenney Park passageway under East Johnson Street will encounter Asylum, a new Blink-supported temporary public art project by Marina Kelly (myk) and Megan Katz (mak). The artists combine abstracted recordings collected from the space with snippets of song and the sounds of pouring rain to explore the ways that sound marks passages and transitions. Asylum, the first sound art piece to be sponsored by Blink, the Madison Arts Commission’s temporary public art program, will run from April 20 to May 11, 2014.

“As time-based artists who work in live art and installation, we think a lot about the sensory experience of bodies in space.  Sound is exciting because it is inherently about movement; it is a vibration that literally travels through our bodies.  The Blink funding has allowed us to explore the ways that sound can sculpt our experience of place, and the potential it holds to transport and immerse us.” –myk.mak

myk.mak is an artist duo based in Madison, Wisconsin. Marina Kelly (myk) and Megan Katz (mak) create intimate, multi-sensory experiences that combine attention to detail with an awareness of the social and political.  They have performed and presented work at the Raandesk Gallery in NY, the Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis, and locally at the Madison Public Library and the Overture Center for the Arts.  For more information visit
For more information about the Madison Arts Commission’s BLINK! program, please visit our website at or contact Karin Wolf, the Arts Program Administrator  The next BLINK application deadline is June 1, 2014.


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