Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

On Friday, April 13, 2018, the City received two responses to its Request for Proposals (“RFP”) to develop the former Truman Olson United States Army Reserve Facility located at 1402 South Park Street. The Truman Olson site is approximately 3.5 acres. Redevelopment of the site will allow for the extension of Cedar Street across South Park Street and west to connect with Fish Hatchery Road. The project will also continue the successful redevelopment and revitalization of the South Park Street corridor.

The following teams submitted responses to the RFP:

  1. Hovde Properties and SSM Health submitted a proposal calling for:
    1. A 40,000 SF grocery store with a coffee shop and deli;
    2. A 40,000 SF medical clinic located on the 2nd and 3rd floors above the grocery;
    3. 20,000 SF of ground floor retail space, including a 5,000 SF pharmacy with the balance leased to SSM Health related users;
    4. 48 units of one and two bedroom apartments;
    5. 344 parking stalls, including approximately 134 ground floor stalls, approximately 210 lower level stalls;
    6. Bike parking;
    7. An extension of Cedar Street, across South Park Street to Fish Hatchery Road.
  2. Welton Enterprises submitted a proposal with two options for design. Both options call for the extension of Cedar Street, across South Park Street to Fish Hatchery Road.
    1. Option A consists of:
      1. A 5 story mixed use building fronting on Park Street;
      2. A 5 story multi-family structure located on the western portion of the site;
      3. A 237 stall parking structure with 38 surface stalls;
      4. 25,000 SF grocery story and food production facility;
      5. 7,650 SF of community office / clinic space;
      6. 100 market rate apartments;
      7. 72 workforce / affordable apartments / townhomes.
    2. Option B consists of:
      1. 160 stalls of parking;
      2. 25,000 SF grocery story and food production facility;
      3. 72 workforce / affordable apartments / townhomes.
    3. Welton Enterprises also calls for the redevelopment of the existing Copps Pick N’ Save grocery store located adjacent to the Truman Olson site.

The Alder of District 13, Sara Eskrich, said, “I am excited to see the interest and engagement in South Madison and Park Street. The wider area has the opportunity to provide needed employment, amenities, and a range of housing choices for current and future residents.”

District 14 Alder Sheri Carter said, “Today, I am pleased to see that the 2005 Wingra BUILD project has become reality. The residents that worked on both the South Madison Neighborhood Plan and Wingra BUILD should be proud of this moment. This broader area will contribute to the vitality of South Park Street and South Madison.”

A Selection Committee, appointed by the Common Council, will review the responses to the RFP and make a recommendation to the Common Council. Upon acceptance of a proposal by the Common Council, City staff will negotiate the final sale of the Truman Olson site to the selected development team.

All proposals, meeting dates, and other critical information can be found on the City’s project website here:

The Common Council will make the final selection and recommendation. The RFP specifies that the City may reject or accept proposals at its own discretion, and holds the right to independently negotiate the final terms of the project.