Forecasts are calling for periods of sustained high winds during the overnight hours with the potential for wind gusts near 60 MPH.

Wait to Place Collection Carts out for Pickup Until the Morning
In light of these weather conditions, you should wait to place your trash and recycling carts out for pickup until the morning. Collection carts can be blown over and spill contents into the road, creating a mess that homeowners would need to pick up. And the carts themselves can also blow away and roll for blocks.

Carts should be out for pickup before 7:00am to ensure pickup.

Consider Moving Large Items Until the Morning
If you have large items at the curb still waiting for the scheduled pickup, you may want to move the items off the terrace until after the threat of high winds pass. Large items can be strewn throughout the neighborhood during high winds, creating clutter and, depending on the items, could be dangerous.

Like collection carts, large items should be out for pickup before 7:00am to ensure collection.

Additional Information
Residents are also reminded to secure other items in their yards to prevent them from blowing away or causing damage.

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