Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

Large item collection suspended

Refuse and recycling collection for the west side of Madison has been delayed due to the icy weather today, Thursday, February 7, 2019. East side collections are not experiencing delays at this time.

Large item collection on the west side of Madison has also been suspended for the remainder of the day as these operators have been moved to applying sand in residential areas. East side large item collection will continue as scheduled for the time being.

Residents on the west side are encouraged to keep their carts and large items to the curb to await collection.

What is the “west side” of Madison to the Streets Division?
For Streets Division operations, the west side of Madison are addresses to the west of South Park Street. Residents to the east of S. Park Street are part of the east side operations.

Why is the west side delayed and not the east side?
The Thursday collection district on the west side of Madison contains more hills in untreated residential neighborhoods than the east side. Due to the icy conditions, the Streets Division collection trucks are having difficulty navigating the slippery roadways.

When will the carts and large items be collected?
Collection of refuse and recycling will be delayed until conditions improve and collection vehicles can drive these hilly neighborhood streets. Residents should keep the carts at the curb until collection can occur.

Large item pickup will occur as soon as possible. Residents can keep their large items at the curb until collection can occur. However, large items cannot be collected if they a frozen to the curb or obstructed by snow. Residents may want to choose to remove large items from the curb and wait until the weather clears to receive this curbside collection on their next scheduled collection day.

Additional information about Streets Division collections can be found on the Streets Division website, or by contacting the Streets Division office that services your home.
West side residents can call 608-266-4681 and east side residents can call 608-246-4532.


  • Bryan Johnson, 608-267-2626,
  • West Side Streets Division, 608-266-4681
  • East Side Streets Division, 608-246-4532