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City of Madison Teams Up With Local Artists and Organizers to Host Pavement Painting Party in Owl Creek Neighborhood

The Owl Creek neighborhood is having a pavement painting party on Sunday, September 11, 2016. Come help create Madison's newest pavement painting in the circle at the end of Owl Creek Court. Volunteers are welcome. Children are welcome to participate with one-on-one adult supervision. Please dress in painting clothes.

Madison now has several pavement paintings, inspired by Portland’s “intersection repair” projects.  Karin Wolf, the City’s Arts Program Administrator says, “Alder Person Denise Demarb contacted me two years ago to request that Owl Creek be considered as a site for a pavement painting. It is a great joy that we are finally able to make that vision a reality." She added, "It has been great fun working with Owl Creek residents James Coan who created the design and Laura Milbrath who is coordinating the project, as well as other City staff, especially members of the Owl Creek Neighborhood Resource Team, who helped make this event possible." 

Barb Schrank, Chair of the Madison Arts Commission, who volunteered to help residents in Allied create their pavement painting in 2014 said, "It is great fun to create a pavement painting. It is like a block party with paint. Coming together to paint the street builds a positive, shared, end-of-summer memory for neighbors.I hope the residents of Owl Creek and friends from across the City enjoy themselves on Sunday. And I am certain that the affable owl character in the design will be loved by the many children living in that neighborhood for years to come."

Sponsors and contributors to this project include: the City of Madison Arts Commission, City of Madison Owl Creek Neighborhood Resource Team, Arts Wisconsin, Home Depot, Monona Starbucks, Sherwin-Williams Paint Sore, Schoeps Ice Cream, Culvers, and Ian's Pizza.

The Madison Arts Commission is a municipal commission that funds artistic activities and initiates cultural programs that integrate, support, and advance arts and culture as an essential part of life in Madison.

If you are interested in planning a similar project in your neighborhood, please visit City of Madison Traffic Engineering’s Decorative Pavement Painting site
For more information about the Madison Arts Commission, please visit our website at or contact Karin Wolf, the Arts Program Administrator



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