Part of the mission of the Public Safety Review Committee is to advise the Mayor and Common Council on matters related to police and fire department budgets. In 2020, due to the increased attention on policing and police budgets, the committee decided to make feedback about the police department’s budget a high priority, releasing a 2020 Police Budget Roadmap and holding a public hearing. The PSRC formed a subcommittee to assist the community, Mayor and Common Council in having a robust discussion about the police department budget.

This year, the budget subcommittee is again seeking public input on the proposed 2023 Police Department budget and to provide a community input opportunity before the subcommittee's report is finalized. “"Public input is an essential part of the Policy Budget Roadmap. We are once again inviting community members to discuss the report and share their insight and concerns regarding the police budget. We hope this report will give the Madison community information that can aid in reimagining public safety.”, said Aisha Moe, PSRC Budget Subcommittee Chairperson.

We are asking the community to give input on several questions:

  1. What are the top three tasks/issues that MPD should focus on?
  2. Given that over 80% of the police budget goes towards personnel costs, is there a task(s) that MPD currently does that it should not? If so, what other city department or entity should be responsible for that task(s)?
  3. What research can the Public Safety Review Committee provide that would help you better understand the Police Budget and the processes by which it gets created?

At the full PSRC monthly meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 5:00pm, the committee will start with its usual business followed by a virtual public hearing on the 2022 Police Budget Roadmap at 6:00pm.
The Sept. 14 meeting agenda is available here. The public can participate in the following ways:

The DRAFT 2022 Police Budget Roadmap is available here​. The 2022 Roadmap will be updated with materials from the public hearing and from the 2023 Budget as schedules allow.