Monday, June 29, 2020 - 5:57pm

City Engineering crews are on standby to respond to reports of urban flash flooding in low-lying areas of the City this afternoon and into the night. While City Engineering is getting a few calls from residents reporting urban flash flooding, there is no concern at this time for a major flooding event. Most area waters should subside tonight, if they haven’t already.

City engineers are also monitoring conditions.   

While this rain event is not a major flooding event, residents should prepare and connect with the City by sharing any flooding experience through the City’s “Report Flooding Form.”

Residents may use the form to include photos of what they experience or other detailed information.

If residents come across standing water, please do not drive through the water.

Resources to stay connected:
City’s Flooding Website
Report a damaged tree to Streets Division
Sign up for Flooding Text Alerts
Sign up for Flooding Email Updates
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