Archived News: This news release is more than one year old and may include outdated information.

Streets Division street sweepers will be working continuously from 7:00am on Saturday, November 9, 2019 until approximately 5pm on Sunday, November 10, or until temperatures become too cold to for sweepers to operate.

This street sweeping blitz will collect as much material from the road as we can during what is likely to be the final opportunity for street sweeping this year.

This is an around-the-clock effort to collect as much debris and leaves from the roads as possible, and thereby preventing leaf tea and other runoff from entering our waterways.

Street sweepers require water to operate. This means they need warm enough temperatures so they do not freeze.

The hours from 7am on Saturday and continuing until approximately 5pm Sunday will likely be the final window of time for this calendar year where temperatures will allow sweeping to occur.

Since sweepers will be working around the clock this weekend, all roadway users should be on the lookout for these slow-moving vehicles. They will be on the roads at times and places not typical for this time of year. If you encounter a sweeper, please remember to give them the space they need to perform their work safely and do not cut them off.

For more information about street sweeping operations, contact the Streets Division office that services your home. Residents east of South Park Street should call 608-246-4532 and residents west of South Park Street should call 608-266-4681. Questions can be emailed at