Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - 11:31am

Madison Senior Center presents Bone Health Series

What you need to Know about Bone Health
 The nation’s bone health is placing an increasing burden on the quality of life of Americans. In the next few years as baby boomers age, that burden is expected to escalate. 50% of women and 20% of men over 50 will have osteoporosis, but this disease can affect the young and old.  Learn about the important of good diet, exercise and bone health to remain fit and healthy though all stages of life. These programs are presented through the U.S. Bone and Joint Initiative on Tuesdays March 24 and March 31 at 10 am at the downtown Madison Senior Center.
Fit to a T: Learn about how to prevent, detect, and treat osteoporosis from Physical Therapist Ryan DeRose. Knowing about bone health and how it can be measured is an important first step in lowering your risk of breaking a bone.  Enjoy lifelong bone health and get your free bone health assessment!  Please join us on Tuesday, March 24 at 10 am. 
Experts in Arthritis: Learn about the treatments available today in arthritis and other rheumatic conditions. This program is for those with arthritis and their significant others. Experts in Arthritis provides people with accurate information about treatments, thus improving their ability to self-manage their disease and live their lives to the fullest.  Please join Physical Therapist Jamie McKeon on Tuesday, March 31 at 10 am. Call 266-6581 to register for both programs.


  • Pat Guttenberg, pguttenberg@cityofmadison.com