Wednesday, December 14, 2011 - 3:38am

The City of Madison Parking Utility is launching a new application that will give motorists the ability to access real-time parking availability data for six of their downtown facilities on the web or from a mobile phone. 

"Downtown Madison enjoys an abundance of parking,  this will make it even easier to find a parking space during high demand periods such as special events, at the same time it should reduce traffic circulating looking for parking and reduce congestion and delays in the downtown area," said Parking Operations Manager Bill Knobeloch. 

Now motorists will be able to access real-time parking data which is updated every minute. Any device that that can access can use the real-time data.  

Following are the City of Madison Parking Utility Downtown facilities providing data:
•    Brayton Lot, 1 S. Butler Street.
•    Capitol Square North Garage, 218 East Mifflin Street.
•    Government East Garage, 215 S. Pinckney Street.
•    Overture Center Garage, 318 West Mifflin Street.
•    State Street Campus Garage, 430 N. Frances Street (Frances Street side), and 415 N. Lake Street (Lake Street side).
•    State Street Capitol Garage, 214 N. Carroll Street.

"All of these facilities take cash and credit cards as do many of our street meters," said Knobeloch. "We welcome the opportunity to serve our customers better by providing timely parking space availability data."

To view information on rates and locations, please go to: 
so you can make parking choices consistent with your budget and convenience needs.


  • Bill Knobeloch, Parking Operations Manager, 266-4761