Fireside Five-Oh: Livingroom Conversations

What is a Fireside Five-Oh?

Lots of things: a chat, a party, a social hour, a conversation, a place of common ground. Mostly it's a chance to get together to meet friends and neighbors and the local cops who work in your neighborhood.

What do we talk about?

Whatever is on your mind. Maybe it's a specific neighborhood concern, maybe its curiosity about the men and women who choose to be Madison police officers. There is never a shortage of questions when it comes to policing.

Who can I invite?

You decide; your friends, neighbors and family are all welcome. One or two officers, the cops who work directly in your neighborhood, also attend. A group with anywhere from 8 to 14 guests plus the officers seems to work best. It depends on the size group you can accommodate. And as your guests, we'll even bring treats!

Why is the Fireside Five-Oh held at my house?

Your home is your turf, not ours. Indoors or out, on the patio or in your family room, wherever you're most comfortable. The idea is to promote a more informal, intimate dialog. We want you and your guests to feel at ease so that meaningful conversation at a personal level begins to happen.

How do I get started?

Contact our Community Outreach and Education group: