Examples of our efforts at work in the Madison area ...

Madison Area Community Land Trust

CDBG funds assisted with development of the Madison Area CLT's Camino del Sol affordable housing units on Madison's north side. These units are barrier-free and fully handicapped-accessible, and will be made available to low- to moderate-income first-time homebuyers.

Community Housing and Services

CDBG efforts contributed to the recent expansion and renovation of this facility offering much needed affordable housing to homeless or near homeless men and women.

Operation Fresh Start (OFS)

CDBG has been a partner with OFS for the past 20 years, bringing job training to high-risk youth and affordable home ownership opportunities to lower income families.

Future Madison Northpointe

With development assistance from CDBG, Future Madison was instrumental in redeveloping the Vera Court area into a safe, vibrant, affordable neighborhood.

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