The webinar for the General Election will be offered at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, October 18.  The webinar will be available for replay after the live training, using the same link.  Remember to record that you have completed the training through your training portal. 

Is there a video of the registration process that I can watch so that I, and other poll workers, are up to current speed in the process? And, of course, where can I find it on the web?We do have a video for that:

There is a whole series of videos covering the different areas of a polling place where the Chief Inspector may assign you or ask you to help. The series is available here:

Lastly, written quick guides are available for your reference. These will be in the supply tote on Election Day, but you can also find them on the Election Official Resources page under Quick Guides.

Does the zip code have to be on the witness address?

No. The minimum requirements for a witness address to be considered complete are street number, street name, and municipality (name of the city, town, or village). 

How do we know when we have a curbside voter?
You will have a sign to post at the curb of the polling location, providing curbside voters with the cell phone number to call for assistance.  If your polling location has poor cellular service, a poll worker will need to keep an eye on the curb.

How do we prevent the curbside voter signs from falling over outside of the polling place?
Please fill the base with water on election morning, and then empty the water from the base on election night.

Where do I find the Election Official oath of office?
It is now printed right on the payroll form.