Gammon Road, S. and West Towne Path

Last Updated: 06/04/2019

Project Description

The City of Madison in conjunction with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is proposing a street reconstruction project on South Gammon Road from the Beltline Highway to Mineral Point Road and construction of a shared-use path, known as the West Towne Path, from Grand Canyon Drive to Junction Road within the City of Madison. 

There are multiple phases of construction planned for the project.  The first phase of the project includes reconstruction of South Gammon Road and construction of the shared use-path from the Struck Street pedestrian underpass of the Beltline to the west side of South Gammon Road. This phase includes construction of a pedestrian underpass of Gammon Road.  Construction of phase one of the project is planned to take place in 2020.  Later phases of construction will include construction of the shared-use path from the west side of Gammon Road to Junction Road. The year of construction for the later phases of the project will be determined as funding becomes available.   

The reconstruction of South Gammon Road will consist of the replacement of the roadway base course, curb and gutter and concrete pavement with spot repairs of the concrete sidewalk. Public utilities, including sanitary sewer, storm sewer and water main will also be replaced as necessary with the project.  Upgrades will also be made to the street lighting and traffic signal systems.

Construction of the shared-use, West Towne Path will consist of an asphalt path, 10-feet wide, with 2-foot grass shoulders, to accommodate two-way bicycle traffic, pedestrians and other non-motorized users.

The West Towne Path will provide an east-west connection for non-motorized users from the Junction Road (CTH M) to the West Town Mall area and to the near west side of Madison.  See attached location map.

60% plans for the project can be found here: Gammon Road 60% Plans
A Gammon Road and West Towne Path display can be found here: Gammon Road - West Towne Path

Project Schedule

Phase 1 (Gammon Road and West Towne Path from Struck to Gammon): Construct in 2020
Phase 2 (West Towne Path from Gammon to Junction): Construction year to be determined