Gorham St. Sanitary Sewer Replacement

Last Updated: 08/24/2020

Latest Update: 


The Contractor is continuing to install sanitary sewer main from Franklin Ave. and working towards the 500 & 600 block of  E. Gorham St.  The week of 8/24, they are working to get mainline sewer installed up to the mid-block of the 600 block by Friday.  Madison Gas & Electric will be installing new gas main at the intersection of Blount and Gorham St.


During the week of 8/31, work will continue on the mainline sewer on the 600 block of Gorham St., with the goal of completing mainline work on the 600 block by the end of the week.  Mainline sewer will also be installed on the 400 block starting at Franklin Ave. and working towards the west. 

Project Overview

The project spans from East Gorham Street between North Butler Street and North Livingston Street. This project is necessary because the sanitary sewer is old and is undersized for today’s design standards. It is deteriorating and reaching the end of its service life. The sewer was built in 1904. Typically, a life span of a sewer facility is 100 years. The pipes are showing cracks, fractures and breaks, which requires that it be replaced to make sure there are no future failures. This project will replace the sanitary sewer main pipe, the sanitary sewer laterals (smaller branching pipes from the main), and any curb, sidewalk and driveway aprons that may be impacted because of the sewer replacement or are in deteriorated condition. There may also be selective storm sewer work included when needed in the area.

The City plans to resurface Gorham Street in 2021.

Project Limits

E. Gorham St. between N. Butler St. and N. Livingston St.

Project Schedule

Early May 2020: Design, Public meetings
Mid-May to Mid-June: Bidding, Contract Award
July-October: Construction

Public Involvement

Public Information Meetings

A Public Information Meeting was held 5:30 p.m., May 7, virtually. Typically, Engineering holds public information meetings in person, however, to support COVID-19 social distancing requirements it was scheduled virtually.
May 7, 2020 Public Information Meeting Presentation 


Virtual Meeting Format
The May 7 meeting will be held virtually online via Zoom. It will include a presentation and question and answer portion for attendees.

Step 1: Register for the Meeting
To take part and register, sign up through the Gorham Project Page. Please register by noon, May 6, 2020. Once registered, attendees will receive a link to access the meeting. If you have questions about registering, email engineer@cityofmadison.com.

Step 2: Download Zoom
Attendees will need to have Zoom downloaded on their phone or computer to attend the meeting. Attendees can download a free version of Zoom . Please do not wait to download a few minutes below the meeting to allow for troubleshooting time should you have technical issues.

Step 3: Get link, Attend Meeting
Registered attendees will be sent a Zoom link in a separate email after noon, May 6, 2020. Once attendees receive the emailed link, click the link when the meeting is scheduled to begin to attend. During the meeting, attendees will be able to listen into the meeting. Attendees will be muted, however, attendees will be able to provide comments, ask questions and virtually raise hands. Questions will be answered during the Q and A portion of the presentation at the end.

Following the public information meeting, the project is scheduled to be presented before the Board of Public Works and the Common Council.

Public Hearings 

BPW Public Hearing: May 20, 2020
Common Council Public Hearing: June 2, 2020

4/28/2020: Press Release: Virtual Meeting: Gorham Street Sanitary Sewer Project