Course Description

The learning curve for new supervisors is steep! This virtual workshop explores the responsibilities and impact you make as a supervisor. We'll discuss employee experience and moments that matter between you and your staff. There will also be time for networking and discussion with other supervisors. You'll leave the orientation with a resource guide and development plan template. Though we can't tell you everything you need to know in 90 minutes, we can help you get your bearings and navigate your new role.

Who should attend?

Required for:

  • All new supervisors, whether you are new to the City or were promoted into a supervisor role.
  • Existing supervisors who never participated in Supervisor Development Program

Recommended for:

  • Supervisors who completed Supervisor Development Program more than 5 years ago (pre-2017), as a refresher
  • Supervisors of supervisors, to support you in onboarding, coaching and developing your staff

Course Materials

Prework:  Get Ready for Supervisor Orientation

Slides: Supervisor Orientation

Follow-up:  Supervisor Development Plan

Also Recommended

Our new Supervisor Network is a community for supervisors, by supervisors. It's a great space for new supervisors to make connections in a collaborative learning space.