The Madison Municipal Court represents the judicial branch of government and informs those who have cases before the court of their legal rights and the applicable legal procedures, and provides a neutral and impartial forum for resolving alleged city ordinance violations.

Key Services

Daily Court Sessions

The Madison Municipal Court has daily court sessions involving a wide range of ordinance violations, including but not limited to, traffic, first offense impaired driving, parking, building and health code, and juvenile offenses. There are approximately 26,000 cases per year filed with the court.

Hearings & Trials

The Madison Municipal Court presides over numerous hearings and trials on a regular basis whenever defendants charged with municipal ordinance offenses contest the violation(s). At the trials the city must prove the violation(s) by evidence that is clear, is satisfactory, and convinces the judge to a reasonable certainty that the defendant is guilty of the violation(s).

Habitual Truancy Court Sessions

The Madison Municipal Court has habitual truancy court sessions at the various Madison high schools on a biweekly basis during the school year. Present at the habitual truancy court sessions are the students, their parents or guardians, and a wide range of school officials, which often include principals, teachers, social workers, counselors, psychologists, and the school nurse.

Requests on Court Cases

The Madison Municipal Court annually processes, and responds in a timely fashion to, thousands of various requests on court cases that are presented to the court either in person, over the telephone, through email, or regular mail. The court also issues thousands of orders on a yearly basis pertaining to a wide variety of legal matters, including but not limited to, payment plans, driver license and vehicle registration suspensions or reinstatements, tax interceptions, inspection and arrest warrants.